Managing your money in a changing world

Find your financial balance


Managing your finances means finding the right balance. Inflation and higher interest rates signal that you may need to adjust your budget to find the right balance between daily spending and paying down debt. The right balance will depend on your financial situation and goals.

How to manage your money when interest rates rise

A rise in interest rates can cost you more to borrow money. Plan to pay down your debt as much as possible, starting with the highest interest rate first so you pay less money towards interest.

Learn how interest rates work and what to do when they increase

Make a plan to pay off your debt

Decide on a strategy for paying off your debt based on the types of debt and the amount of debt you owe. Taking steps to manage your debt can help you take control of your finances and increase your financial resilience.

Get tips on paying down your debt

What to consider before borrowing money

Responsible borrowing can help you build a good credit history. However, using credit to spend beyond your means could put you at risk of no longer being able to manage your debt.

Ask yourself these questions before borrowing money or using credit

Know your rights when borrowing money

The interest rate for your loan is included in your loan agreement. Find out what your financial institution must tell you about interest rates when you borrow.

Learn about your right to information


Debt management options

Options you can trust to help you with your debt.

Debt questionnaire

Take this short questionnaire for possible debt solution options.

Financial tools and calculators

Tools to help you manage your money and debt.


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