Cancelling your credit card

Step 1: Contact your credit card issuer

Contact your credit card issuer by phone or in writing and ask to cancel your account.

You can find the customer service telephone number on:

You can find the mailing address on:

Ask for confirmation in writing that they closed your account. Once you receive this confirmation, destroy the credit card. Keep the confirmation for your records.

Doing the following doesn’t cancel your credit card account:

Step 2: Check your credit card statement

Certain transactions may appear on your credit card statement even after you cancel your account. These may include:

If you make pre-authorized payments using your credit card, contact the company you're making the payment to. You may arrange to pay another way or cancel the service. If you don’t, the company will continue to bill you and the charges will build up until you pay them. Interest charges will continue to apply to any outstanding balance on your accounts even after you closed them.

Step 3: Check your credit report

Check your credit report to make sure it shows that your credit card was cancelled. Give your credit card issuer enough time to report the change to the credit bureaus. This usually takes about 30 days.

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