7.1 Investing goals

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Someone thinks about what to do with the money he has saved.

Investing is not about what someone else says to do with your money. It's about you and your goals. The choices you make about investing will affect how much money you have, when you have it and what you can do with it. Only you can decide what your financial goals are. Nobody else will care as much about them as you do. You may need financial experts to help when you invest, but the first step has to be with you.

This section asks you to think about yourself. You will explore:

  • personal values, emotions and behaviours that affect your investment choices
  • your knowledge about investing
  • your goals related to investing.

You'll answer a self-test about your investing knowledge and start to learn some investing vocabulary and concepts. You'll also think about your investing goals and how your own personality can affect your investing choices. By the time you finish this section, you'll be more knowledgeable about yourself and you will have learned more about the basics of investing.

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