7.4 Investment advisors

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Someone advises a friend to buy stocks.

If you're going to paint your walls, you may turn to a friend for advice. But if you're going to design the foundations for your house, you go to an expert. It takes specialized knowledge, there's a lot at risk, and you can't afford to make a mistake.

In the same way, for investing advice, you go to an expert. Just as you would consult a building engineer, you need someone you can trust who understands you and your specific needs. This section describes how to find and work with an investment advisor.

You will explore:

  • how to choose an investment advisor
  • fees and costs, and how they affect your investment
  • how to read your investment account statement
  • your rights and responsibilities when you work with an advisor.

You'll see a video on choosing and working with an advisor. You'll review information about different kinds of registered advisors, the fees and costs they charge, and the account statements they provide. By the time you finish this section, you'll know what to expect from an investment advisor and how to make the most of her or his services.

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