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The Bank Act is the primary legislation governing all external complaints bodies in Canada. The Financial Consumer Agency of Canada (FCAC) is responsible for administering sections of the Act.

The complete text of the Act is posted on the Department of Justice Canada’s website.

Bank Act

Sections related to consumer provisions:

Paragraphs 157(2)(e) and (f), section 413.1, subsection 418.1(3), sections 439.1 to 459.5, subsections 540(2) and (3) and 545(4) and (5), paragraphs 545(6)(b) and (c), subsection 552(3) and sections 559 to 576.2 of the Bank Act together with any regulations made under or for the purposes of those provisions.

Bank Act Regulations

Complaints (Banks, Authorized Foreign Banks and External Complaints Bodies) Regulations

Approved external complaints bodies

Application guide

Note: CG-13 Application guide for external complaints bodies has been rescinded and is no longer in effect. FCAC is supporting the implementation of the Government’s Budget 2023 commitment to designate a single ECB. FCAC will issue new guidance in due course.

Public notice calling for applications for single external complaints body for banking (closed)

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