Diversity and inclusion in the public service

Diversity and inclusion in the public service

Employment equity, diversity, and inclusion in federal workplaces

Services and information

Call to action on anti-racism, equity and inclusion

A call to all leaders to take practical action to address systemic racism and make the public service more inclusive

Improving diversity and inclusion across the public service

Collecting and sharing data, improving diversity in senior leadership, addressing systemic barriers

The Federal Speakers’ Forum on Lived Experience New

A platform for public servants to share their lived experience with diversity and inclusion, mental health, and other related topics

Diversity and inclusion statistics

Data and statistics on the diversity of the people who make up Canada’s public service

2SLGBTQI+ Secretariat

Apology to communities, funding opportunities, community engagement, expungement of convictions

Accessibility in the public service

Improving accessibility, accommodations, ergonomics, data, and internships. Accessibility strategy for the public service

Your right to non discrimination

Non-discriminatory workplace, duty to accommodate, adapting work duty, employment equity

Knowledge Circle for Indigenous Inclusion

Many Voices One Mind report. Culturally competent guidance, support, and advice

Gender-based analysis

How people experience policies, programs, initiatives. Gender equality, training. Applying gender-based analysis to our work

Restorative engagement program New

The Government is developing a restorative engagement program to empower employees who have experienced harassment, discrimination and violence in the workplace to contribute to systemic change

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