Centralized enabling workplace fund

Effective workplace accommodations are essential to creating an accessible and inclusive workplace that enables everyone to contribute and thrive.

To support the full participation of persons with disabilities in the federal Public Service, OPSA received funding of $10 million over 5 years, beginning April 1, 2019, to establish a Centralized Enabling Workplace Fund. The objective of the Fund is to invest in innovative and experimental ideas, projects and initiatives aimed at improving workplace accommodation practices and, where possible, removing systemic barriers that create a need for individual accommodation.

Through investments in new tools and resources, research studies and demonstration projects exploring alternative approaches to workplace accommodation, OPSA will partner with other federal departments and agencies to trial potential solutions offering immediate and tangible benefits for a maximum number of current and future servants.

The Fund will be instrumental in realizing the Government’s vision of being the most accessible and inclusive public service in the world.

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