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ICMS services provide a systemic approach to prevent the escalation of conflict by managing and resolving conflicts in the workplace quickly and constructively.

ICMS services are available at the departmental level to help create high-performing workplaces that are respectful, healthy and inclusive by focusing on building collaborative skills that help resolve conflicts early and at the lowest possible level.

For you (individual sessions)

Conflict management coaching

One-on-one sessions that provide you with an opportunity to:

  • express your concerns
  • be guided in your reflections
  • explore options toward managing workplace issues

Facilitated discussion

Mediator led process where you engage in a difficult conversation to foster effective communication and develop a common understanding of the situation while working toward a resolution


Structured, interactive process lead by a mediator where you and the other parties involved in a dispute are guided toward a mutually acceptable agreement

For teams (group sessions)

Training and presentations

Increase awareness, knowledge and skills to build competencies in managing and preventing conflict

Workplace assessment

Get an assessment of your workplace to help identify:

  • root causes of conflict
  • potential restorative strategies for improving your team dynamics

Group intervention

Get a tailored approach that involves various ICMS processes to implement restorative strategies identified in your workplace

Support for everyone

Managing and resolving difficult situations and relationships

Empowering you to help prevent conflict from escalating

Increasing collaboration

  • promoting effective communication and constructive interpersonal problem-solving strategies
  • increasing self-awareness
  • developing a better understanding of others

Reaching positive outcomes that are mutually satisfactory

  • increasing productivity
  • building new skills
  • contributing to a healthy work environment

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A safe space to express yourself, be heard, and increase your knowledge of:

  • emotional intelligence
  • resiliency to stress
  • interpersonal relationships
  • strategies to effectively deal with difficult situations

Work environment

  • increased team spirit
  • help individuals and teams reach mutually beneficial solutions
  • contribute to a positive work environment

Skill development

Enhanced skills in:

  • communication
  • leadership
  • conflict resolution agility
  • giving and receiving feedback

Guiding principles


ICMS sessions are confidential, and information shared by you as a client cannot be disclosed without your consent or outside the limits of the law or a confidentiality agreement


The process is strictly voluntary. Individuals can choose to participate in or decline the service being offered at any point without any form of reprisal

Neutral and impartialNeutral and Impartial

The practitioner is a neutral third party who is free from bias and has no preference or personal interest for any particular outcome. All services provide a safe space that is free of judgement


The client has the power and ability to establish the approach and actions toward their desired outcome

Contact the Federal ICMS Network

As a body of experts providing leadership in the field, the Federal ICMS Network works with management and union representatives to influence, promote and strategically integrate ICMS into the federal public service. The Network also represents the interests and needs of its community – a group of close to 200 leaders and practitioners who assist clients that are facing challenging workplace issues.

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