Disability management in the federal public service

Disability management focuses on absences from work as a result of illness, injury or disability, and on preventing the risks that cause these absences. The following resources have been prepared to assist managers and employees in understanding and managing disability management cases across the Government of Canada.

If you are in distress, please contact your nearest distress centre. If it is an emergency, call 9-1-1 or go to your local emergency department.

Disability Management: The Fundamentals

This section covers the three basic components of disability management: prevention, support for recovery and accommodation. It outlines case management and the remain/return-to-work planning processes. Learn more about the fundamentals of disability management.

How to Build a Disability Management Program: The Steps

This section covers the seven steps in building a disability management program:

  1. building commitment for the concept of disability management;
  2. assessing organizational needs in order to determine the actions required;
  3. identifying the required resources;
  4. developing a framework within a department or agency;
  5. building a collaborative team to manage the program;
  6. building the department's or agency's capacity to successfully implement the program; and
  7. measuring the results once the program is established.

It outlines the guiding principles and why you should build a disability management program. Learn more about how to build a disability management program

Handling Disability Management Cases: The Tool

This section is designed to assist in managing a case where an employee becomes ill or injured, it provides guidance from the time a case is identified through the case management process to the successful return of the employee to work. This tool informs managers on how to:

  • Enable employees to remain, and be effective, at work;
  • Facilitate the early and safe return to work; and
  • Support efforts to obtain every benefit to which the employee is entitled.

Access the Tool for Handling Disability Management Cases.

Obtaining Information from Health Care Practitioners in Cases of Employee Illness or Injury: The Guide

This section describes the procedure for obtaining, on behalf of the employer, the information required from physicians or other health care professionals to support the ill or injured employees, as well as forms to be used for this purpose.
Access the guide for Obtaining information from professional health care in case of illness or injury of an employee.

Managing for Wellness: The Handbook

Managing for Wellness: Disability Management Handbook for Managers in the Federal Public Service is a resource for managers that contains descriptions of the components of disability management (prevention, support for recovery and accommodation), the responsibilities of the manager and the employee, benefit plans, disability management instruments, and policies that guide disability management within the federal public service.

Disability Management: Employee Wellness Resource

This resource highlights the benefits and services available to help employees stay physically and mentally healthy and the supports that are available if an illness or injury occurs. Learn more about Employee Wellness.

Best Practices in Disability Management

The practices and resources below were discussed during the April 2017 Power Chat: Best Practices in Disability Management organized by the Federal Workplace Well-Being Network, the Disability Management Community of Practice, and the Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat.

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