How to Build a Disability Management Program

Why build a disability management program?

Disability management is most successful when it promotes respect and cooperation among employees, unions and the employer. Designing and implementing a Disability Management Program makes good management sense.

Guiding principles of a disability management program are:

  • Committed integration;
  • Engaged employees;
  • Proactive management;
  • Effective communication; and
  • Protection of privacy.

The seven steps to building a disability management program are:

  1. obtaining commitment;
  2. obtaining an assessment;
  3. obtaining resources;
  4. developing a framework;
  5. building a collaborative team-based management;
  6. building capacity through training and awareness; and
  7. measuring results.

"The goal of the Government of Canada is to have a sustainable workforce that is renewable and affordable over time."

—People Component of the Management Accountability Framework, Outcome 11.3

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