Meet GCDigital

Meet GCDigital

Meet your Digital Government Community Awards 2022 recipients!

Winners of the Digital Government Community Awards 2022

Digital has a broad meaning in the federal government: it incorporates how we work, not just what we do. All public servants are expected to bring the Government of Canada Digital Standards into their work, into the thinking about how we deliver services to Canadians and others.

Applying the Digital Standards

In the public service, members of the digital community are leaders in transforming how the government works and delivers services. We have the opportunity, scale and reach to build tools and services for all of Canada.

Our community includes:

  • the traditional domain of Information Technology, the people responsible for enabling technical transformation
  • information and data management
  • data analytics
  • data science

These other professional domains of information, data and data science build upon their more traditional accountabilities to establish a new business model for government, one that supports the goal of enabling a digital experience. These domains foster a new mindset by bringing into focus how we can prepare a workforce to adopt a culture of digital readiness, to report using data, to openly share content within and outside government, and to work across multiple channels regardless of location.

Together, the digital community provide expertise with a strong focus on innovation to discover and deliver the best digital services in the world.

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