Modernizing regulations

Targeted regulatory reviews, stock reviews, regulatory cooperation and the External Advisory Committee on Regulatory Competitiveness.

Services and information

Targeted regulatory reviews

Reviews of existing regulations and practices, regulatory roadmaps

Canada’s regulatory cooperation activities

Streamlining regulatory requirements across jurisdictions

Let’s Talk Federal Regulations

Consultations seeking input on improvements to Canada’s federal regulatory system

Centre for Regulatory Innovation

Promoting a whole-of-government approach to regulatory experimentation to support innovation and competitiveness

External Advisory Committee on Regulatory Competitiveness

Biographies, terms of reference, meeting agendas and summaries, and recommendations

Comment on proposed regulations

New Submit your comments on current proposed regulations

Red Tape Reduction Act

Control the administrative burden that regulations impose on businesses

Annual Regulatory Modernization Bills

Removing barriers and outdated requirements that prevent regulatory changes

What We Heard Report on Modernizing Canada’s Regulatory System

Feedback on areas of work to improve the regulatory system in Canada

What we are doing

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