Targeted Regulatory Reviews

The Government of Canada announced the Regulatory Reviews in Budget 2018 as part of broader plans to modernize Canada’s regulatory system.

The Regulatory Reviews are examining existing regulations and regulatory practices and are identifying novel regulatory approaches in order to support economic growth and innovation. The Regulatory Reviews are coordinated by the Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat in partnership with federal departments and agencies. Stakeholder engagement is central to the Regulatory Reviews and stakeholders are asked to provide feedback on ways to enable regulations to be more agile, transparent, and responsive resulting in benefits for all Canadians.

These Reviews lead to the development of plans of actions called Regulatory Roadmaps. The Roadmaps outline a suite of proposals that include legislative and regulatory changes, updated policies and practices, and opportunities to support emerging technologies. In support of openness and transparency, these Roadmaps are published online.

The Regulatory Roadmaps are helping make Canada’s regulatory framework more adaptable, agile and responsive to the needs of business while continuing to protect the health, safety and security of Canadians and the environment.

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