Medical Devices Directorate

The Medical Devices Directorate (MDD) is Canada's regulator of medical devices for human use.

Before authorizing the sale of a medical device in Canada, we verify that the device meets the safety, effectiveness and quality requirements of the Food and Drugs Act and its Regulations.

We also work collaboratively with other organizations to assess medical device risks and to make regulatory decisions to manage those risks.

Once we have assessed them, we communicate openly and transparently about those risks to help Canadians make informed decisions.

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The Medical Devices Directorate (MDD) is responsible for:

Offices and bureaus

The Directorate consists of 6 offices and bureaus:

Director General's Office

The Director General's Office authorizes the sale of higher risk medical devices, makes regulatory decisions and oversees investigational testing. The Office also:

Bureau of Licensing Services

This Bureau is responsible for:

Bureau of Investigational Testing Authorization, Special Access Program and Post-Market surveillance

This Bureau is responsible for:

Bureau of Evaluation

This Bureau is responsible for reviewing applications for new and amended medical device licences for:

Bureau of Operations and Planning

This Bureau provides corporate support for the Directorate, including development of:

In addition, this Bureau is responsible for:

Bureau of Policy and International Programs

This Bureau is responsible for:

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Medical Devices Directorate
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Telephone: 613-957-7285
Teletypewriter: 1-800-465-7735 (Service Canada)

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