Medical Devices Active Licence Listing (MDALL)


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Health Canada is the federal regulator of therapeutic products, including medical devices. We do not provide medical advice on the use of the products identified in this listing.

The Medical Devices Bureau (Bureau) of the Therapeutic Products Directorate, Health Canada is the Canadian federal regulator responsible for licensing medical devices in accordance with the Food and Drugs Act and Regulations and the Medical Devices Regulations.

The Bureau maintains a database of all licensed Class II, III, and IV medical devices offered for sale in Canada. Class I medical devices do not require a medical device licence and are monitored by the Health Products and Food Branch Inspectorate (Compliance and Enforcement) through Establishment Licensing.

Only products which appear in this database listing may be offered for general marketing purposes in Canada. Class I Devices, or devices which relate to Investigational Testing Authorization or Special Access do not appear in this listing.

MDALL online query

MDALL online query is an HTML application used to search the MDALL. A search can be done by Company Name, Company ID, Licence Name, Licence Number, Device Name, Device Identifier. Device Identifier is a unique series of letters or numbers or a combination of both, assigned by the manufacturer to identify the device. The catalogue number of the device is often selected for this purpose.

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