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About our business processes

The Pest Management Regulatory Agency uses business processes that make it a priority to protect:

We're modernizing these processes to ensure we give continuous oversight and focus resources on areas of greatest risk.

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Providing continuous oversight

The agency is an international leader in assessing the science related to pesticides and providing protection from pesticide risks. To keep up with the pace of research and evolving scientific information on pesticides, we're taking a more proactive approach.

This approach involves adding new processes to help ensure that pesticides are safe for you, your community and the environment. It will support other review programs outlined in the Pest Control Products Act, such as applications for registration, re-evaluation and special review.

From when a new pesticide is registered in Canada and throughout its regulatory lifecycle, we will:

We're committed to building awareness, understanding and confidence in the pesticide regulatory system in Canada. We will keep stakeholders and the public informed about our activities by:

We're currently consulting stakeholders and the public on this new approach, which we will implement in phases, starting on April 1, 2024.

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Focusing on areas of greatest risk

Some pesticides require more regulatory oversight than others, such as those:

We're establishing criteria for different pesticides, depending on their level of risk. Our team is testing and validating these criteria, and our advisory committee is providing advice.

By adopting this proportional effort framework, we will be able to better allocate resources based on the level of effort required.

We're consulting with stakeholders, partners and pesticide risk assessment experts on the framework. Full implementation will begin in fall 2024.

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