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Advisories, Warnings and Recalls

For information about:

Food and Nutrition Surveillance

Contact the Office of Nutrition Policy and Promotion for information about:

  • Canadian Community Health Survey (CCHS)
  • Facts and Trends
  • Food Expenditure Survey
  • Health Behaviour in School-Aged Children
  • National Population Health Survey (NPHS)
  • Nutrition Indicators

Contact the Food Directorate for information about:

  • Provincial Nutrition Surveys
  • Total Diet Study
  • Fish and Seafood Survey
  • National Surveillance of Potentially Hazardous Chemicals in Foods
  • Trace Metal Analysis -- Infant Formula

Food Labelling

For information about:

Food Safety

For information about:

Genetically Modified (GM) Foods and Other Novel Foods

International Activities

Nutrition and Healthy Eating

For information about:

Public Involvement and Consultation

For information about public involvement and consultation, visit the Food and Nutrition Public Involvement and Partnerships page.

Research Programs and Analytical Methods

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Legislation and Guidelines

  • For information about legislation and guidelines, contact the Food Directorate.

Reports and Publications

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