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On the Health Canada Web site, each navigation section has its own Contact Us page. To find contact information for topics other than Healthy Living, visit the Main Contact Us page.

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Alcohol and Drugs

Controlled Substances and Precursor Chemicals

  • Contact the Office of Controlled Substances for information on legislation, policy, activities, and the operations with regards to controlled substances and precursor chemicals.
  • Contact the Drug Analysis Service (DAS) for information on the analysis of suspected illegal drugs that are seized by Canadian police forces (RCMP, provincial, regional and municipal) and Canada Customs.
  • Contact the Drug Analysis Service (DAS) for information on seized drug exhibit submissions.

Diseases and Conditions

Avian Influenza



Heart and Stroke



Mental Health


Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI)

West Nile Virus

  • Further information on West Nile virus is available by calling the National West Nile Virus Info-Line at 1-800-816-7292 (toll-free in Canada).
  • Consult also the West Nile Virus Web site for pamphlets, FAQs and surveillance data.

Emergencies and Disasters

Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness Canada

  • Contact Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness Canada who have overall Government of Canada leadership on risks to personal safety from crime or naturally occurring events such as severe blizzards, floods or forest fires, to threats to national security from terrorist activity

Nuclear Emergency Preparedness and Response

Foodborne Illness Outbreak Response

  • Contact Health Canada's Food Directorate for issues related to the Foodborne Illness Outbreak Response Protocol.

All Other Public Health Emergencies

General Inquiries


Violence and Abuse

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