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Learn about the Drug Analysis Service and what we offer. Also, law enforcement agencies can find contact information for our 3 laboratories across Canada.

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About the Drug Analysis Service

The Drug Analysis Service (DAS) provides scientific and technical services to help Canadian law enforcement agencies in their activities involving illegal drugs.

Our services include:

  • Identifying: We identify controlled drugs and substances  listed in the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act. Each year we receive over 120,000 drug samples from law enforcement agencies. These samples are submitted for analysis without information about where they came from or the cases they were involved in.  
  • Measuring: We find out how much of a drug is present in a sample. For example, in a powder sample, an analysis would let us see how much of the powder is cocaine (purity).
  • Reporting: We provide a Certificate of Analyst to report on results for every drug sample submitted. These can be used by police in investigations and as evidence in Canadian courts.  We also share statistics and trends  based on the drug samples submitted for analysis.
  • Dismantling illegal laboratories: We help police forces safely dismantle illegal drug laboratories.
  • Advising and training: We teach police forces how to recognize drugs and other substances found during their investigations or at illegal laboratories. We also provide information and training on:
    • drug trends and analysis 
    • safely dismantling an illegal laboratory
    • sampling evidence for investigations or court purposes

We operate laboratories in:

We are committed to the United Nations Drug Control Treaties. We work with partners around the world to develop proper, scientific drug analysis procedures that other countries may use.

For law enforcement agencies


Forensic analysis services

We provide forensic analysis services to support law enforcement agencies in their investigations involving illegal drugs.

Submitted exhibits are analyzed on a "first in, first out" basis. We provide a Certificate of Analyst to the submitting officer within 60 business days. Sometimes, more time may be needed if:

  • the request requires an unusually complicated analysis
  • there is a high volume of complex requests in progress

We can provide rush analysis results in two business days, depending on:

  • the timeline negotiated with the police authority
  • the number of exhibits submitted and their complexity

Support and training services

We provide support and training services to law enforcement agencies involved in the control of illegal drugs, controlled substances and precursor chemicals. These services include providing:

  • assistance with the safe dismantling of suspected clandestine drug laboratories
  • advice and training on:
    • sampling illicit drugs seized
    • health and safety issues related to shutting down clandestine drug laboratories

Guidance documents

The following guidance documents for law enforcement agencies are only available upon request. Contact your nearest DAS laboratory to receive a copy.

Drug Analysis Service Client Manual

Our client manual provides guidelines for preparing and submitting drug exhibits. It includes DAS contact information, operating hours and our service standards. It also includes information on:

  • when to submit exhibits
  • how to prepare exhibits for submission
  • how to submit exhibits

Support during the Investigation and Dismantling of Clandestine Synthetic Drug Laboratories

Our support document outlines:

  • the roles and responsibilities of the DAS
  • the services we offer for safely dismantling a clandestine drug laboratory
  • the responsibilities of law enforcement agencies
  • our contact information

Drug Analysis Service Training Manual

Our training manual describes the courses we offer to law enforcement agencies and how to request training. Based on their needs, we can teach law enforcement agencies how to:

  • identify illegal drugs and other substances
  • safely collect, handle, prepare and submit exhibits to the laboratory
  • safely dismantle a clandestine drug laboratory, including:
    • handling chemical and physical hazards
    • proper disposal of waste and chemicals

This training provides an opportunity for the clients to:

  • increase their knowledge about statistics and illicit drugs trends in Canada
  • learn about synthesis routes being used for producing illicit drugs
  • obtain an overview of clandestine drug laboratory activities in Canada

Drug Analysis Service Reports

Contact Us

Police forces from across the country should contact their closest Drug Analysis Service laboratory.


Toronto Laboratory

Health Canada
Drug Analysis Service
2301 Midland Ave
Toronto, Ontario M1P 4R7
Phone: 416-973-1453
Fax: 416-954-9524
Email: das_manager_toronto@hc-sc.gc.ca

Quebec and the Atlantic provinces

Montreal Laboratory

Health Canada
Drug Analysis Service
1001 ouest, rue St-Laurent
Longueuil, Quebec J4K 1C7
Phone: 450-928-4046
Fax: 450-928-4144
Email: sad.longueuil@hc-sc.gc.ca

Western and Northern provinces and territories

Vancouver Laboratory

Health Canada
Drug Analysis Service
3155 Willingdon Green
Burnaby, British Columbia V5G 4P2

Phone: 604-666-3121
Fax: 604-666-0957
Email: HC.BCDASexhibitcontrol.SC@canada.ca

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