Call for Information on Sodium Reduction Initiatives in the Canadian Foodservices Sector

From: Health Canada

Current status: The public consultation is now closed. Thank you for your interest.

You're invited to provide feedback on sodium reduction in the foodservices sector.


Food from foodservice establishments is often high in sodium. Excess sodium intake can increase the risk of high blood pressure, stroke, and chronic diseases such as heart or kidney disease.

The Healthy Eating Strategy, published in October 2016, committed to reduce sodium in food prepared or served in foodservice establishments by developing sodium reduction targets for the foodservices sector.


We are looking for information on sodium reduction from the following stakeholders:

  • Foodservice distributors
  • Food manufacturers
  • Foodservice operators (for example restaurants and caterers)
  • Institutional foodservice operators
  • Grocery retailers (including online) selling home meal replacements
  • Chefs
  • Associations


Through this call for information, we would like to:

  • understand the various stakeholders' roles, activities, and challenges around sodium reduction
  • identify existing tools that support sodium reduction in the foodservice sectors
  • identify research gaps and opportunities for sodium reduction in this sector

When and where

This call for information is open from September 20 to November 20, 2017

How to participate

A new approach to communication with stakeholders

The Government of Canada is committed to openness and transparency. Health Canada will support this commitment by:

  • making more information available to Canadians
  • providing more opportunities to participate in discussions on government policies and priorities

Individual submissions in response to this consultation may be released upon request in accordance with the Access to Information Act.

All other correspondence and all meetings with stakeholders will be published monthly online in list format, including the:

  • organization name
  • date
  • subjects
  • purpose of the meeting
  • title of any documents provided during meetings

This includes correspondence and meetings related to healthy eating initiatives in which opinions, information, and requests for information are communicated to inform the development of:

  • policies
  • guidance
  • regulations ‎

Confidential and/or unpublished information

Your personal opinions and views related to sodium reduction in the Canadian foodservices sector are collected in accordance with the Department of Health Act; Section 4.  Aggregate opinions may be used to produce reports, develop policy and report to senior management.   Ensure your personal opinions and views do not enable re-identification of your identity. For more information refer to the standard personal information bank Outreach Activities PSU 938. In addition to protecting your personal information, the Privacy Act gives you the right to request access to and correction of your personal information, and to file a complaint with the Privacy Commissioner of Canada. For more information contact Health Canada's Access to Information and Privacy Coordinator at

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Contact us

If you are unable to access the online call for information or require an alternate format, please contact us at:


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