Consultation: Health Canada's Clinical Trials Regulatory Modernization Initiative

Current status: Closed

  • This consultation ran from May 20, 2021 to July 4, 2021.
  • A “What we heard” report summarising the comments received during the consultations was published in February 2022.

Consultation overview

As part of the Health and Biosciences Sector Regulatory Review Roadmap, Health Canada is proposing to modernize the regulatory framework for clinical trials related to human drugs, medical devices, non-prescription drugs, and natural health products. Health Canada is launching a consultation paper alongside a questionnaire to seek feedback from interested stakeholders to validate and inform further policy development.

Join in: how to participate

We invite you to read the consultation paper , which outlines key policy proposals for the modernization of Canada's clinical trials regulatory framework.

Using the consultation paper as a guide, you can provide your feedback in the following ways:

  1. Complete the online questionnaire
  2. Send a written submission via email

Who is the focus of this consultation?

Health Canada is seeking feedback from industry and non-industry stakeholders, including all interested Canadians.

Goals of the consultation

Health Canada is seeking feedback on the Clinical Trials Regulatory Modernization Initiative. The feedback received during the consultation will be used to better inform decision-making with respect to outstanding proposed regulatory, policy, and program considerations for each of the product lines.

Key questions

Health Canada has prepared a consultation paper and an online questionnaire to seek your feedback on key themes of the initiative, including:

The consultation paper and online questionnaire includes human drugs, medical devices, non-prescription drugs, and natural health products.

What we heard during the consultations

Health Canada published a “What we heard” report summarizing the comments received during the consultation process.

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