Benzene, 1,3-bis(1-isocyanato-1-methylethyl)- (Tetramethyl-m-xylylene diisocyanate)

CAS Registry Number 2778-42-9

What is it?

  • Tetramethyl-m-xylylene diisocyanate is an industrial chemical.

How is it used?

  • Tetramethyl-m-xylylene diisocyanate is used in the manufacture of plastics.
  • Based on the most recent data available, tetramethyl-m-xylylene diisocyanate is not believed to be in commerce in Canada.

Why did the Government of Canada assess It?

  • Tetramethyl-m-xylylene diisocyanate was identified as a potential concern to the environment based on available information regarding possible persistence, accumulation and toxicity in the environment.

How is it released to the environment?

  • There were no reports of current uses of tetramethyl-m-xylylene diisocyanate in consumer products. As a result, exposure to tetramethyl-m-xylylene diisocyanate is expected to be very low.

What is the Government of Canada doing?

  • The Government of Canada has conducted an evaluation of tetramethyl-m-xylylene diisocyanate based on science, called a screening assessment.
  • The Government of Canada has determined that tetramethyl-m-xylylene diisocyanate is not harmful to the environment. Therefore, no further action will be taken on tetramethyl-m-xylylene diisocyanate.
  • The final screening assessment report was published on January 31, 2009.

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