Zinc and its compounds - information sheet

Update June 25, 2021

The Government of Canada published the Draft Screening Assessment for Zinc and its Compounds on June 29, 2019. The draft screening assessment is summarized on this page and has not changed. New information pertaining to zinc in the pulp and paper sector was identified after the publication of the draft and is described in the Additional Risk Characterization Document in Support of the Draft Screening Assessment for Zinc and its Compounds: Pulp and paper sector exposure and risk characterization. This document was published on June 25, 2021 and indicates that:

The overall proposed conclusion in the draft screening assessment has not changed as a result of the new information. Interested parties are invited to comment on the additional risk characterization document during the 60-day public comment period ending on August 24, 2021 prior to the information being considered in the final screening assessment. Public comments received on the draft screening assessment, the risk management scope and the additional risk characterization document will be considered in the development of the final screening assessment and if appropriate, the risk management approach.  

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