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The Spray Buffer Zone Calculator is an interactive tool. It enables pesticide applicators to modify the size of the spray buffer zone specified on a pesticide product label when spraying their fields.

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The calculator uses information on weather conditions and sprayer configuration at the time of application. Applicators may use it to modify spray buffer zone distances on product labels to reflect actual conditions at the time of application.

Applicators can use the calculator for all airblast applications. To use the calculator for field and aerial applications, the following wording must be specified on the product label:

The calculator isn’t applicable to ASAE very fine or very coarse spray droplets.

The Spray Buffer Zone Calculator can help you:

Calculator updates

In the latest version of the calculator, applicators using field sprayers or airblast sprayers with low-drift nozzles can consult a list to see if their nozzles qualify for a spray buffer zone reduction.

Only low-drift nozzles listed in the drop-down menu of the calculator can be credited with a drift reduction factor. Applicators using low-drift nozzles not in the list can still use the calculator to determine modified spray buffer zones using inputs for a generic nozzle. 

New streamlined user inputs will also require less time to fill in.

Necessary information

Applicators that choose to use the calculator to reduce their spray buffer zone will need to retain a copy of the summary page. This is to demonstrate compliance with label directions. Records must be retained for at least a year following application.

Applicators using modified spray buffer zones from the calculator must also adhere to any federal, provincial or municipal spraying regulations. If modified spray buffer zone distances are less than provincial or municipal regulated setback distances, the larger distance must be used.  

Please have the following ready before using the calculator:

Information entered into the calculator isn’t stored or saved.
If you leave the calculator application, you will have to re-enter the data when you return. It’s recommended that you enable autofill or autocomplete features in your browser to assist with filling in the calculator..

Please use the "Previous" and "Next" buttons when using the calculator.

If you use the forward and back buttons on your Internet browser, information entered may be lost.

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