Drift Mitigation

Pesticides can drift from the site of application during and after the time they are applied by means of vapour drift and spray drift.

  • Vapour drift occurs if a pesticide evaporates from the sprayed material during application or from surfaces such as soil or plants after application. The volatilized pesticide can then be transported by the wind.
  • Spray drift occurs during pesticide application if the droplets emitted by the spray equipment are carried downwind from the site of application.

To help minimize pesticide exposures to humans and the environment, the Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA) mitigates both vapour drift and spray drift by incorporating appropriate mitigation statements on the label and encouraging best application and land management practices that minimize off-site exposures.

The following provides pesticide applicators and other interested parties with information on drift, how to modify application practices to minimize non-target exposures and reduce the need for large spray buffer zones, while remaining in compliance with Canadian label requirements.

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