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The Pest Management Advisory Council (PMAC) is a multi-stakeholder group that fosters communication and dialogue among stakeholders and with the Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA), and provides advice directly to the Minister of Health on policies and issues relating to the federal pest management regulatory system.

The Council's role is advisory. Decision making remains the responsibility of the PMRA.

The Council adheres to Health Canada Policy on External Advisory Bodies, which establishes best practices and standards for managing advisory bodies.


  • To provide recommendations on broad strategic directions, management, and overall priorities for PMRA;
  • To provide a challenge function to ensure that PMRA programs are consistent with the needs of Canadians within the overall national and global environmental, social, and economic context;
  • To provide advice and a forum for the exchange of views of all key stakeholders on issues affecting the management of pest control products in Canada;
  • To receive and review reports from Council working groups.

Reporting Structure and Governance

PMRA will be represented by the Executive Director, who acts as the Executive Secretary to the Council.

Following each meeting, the Minister will be advised through a written report from the Council.

The Secretariat will prepare a draft meeting report. The report will include recommendations and advice provided by members. It will be circulated for members' review and will be finalized once comments are received and incorporated.

The final meeting report will be provided to the Minister of Health by the Chair, and the Secretariat will publish the report on the Health Canada website.

Secretariat functions will be provided by PMRA.


Membership of the Council will consist of individuals providing a balanced representation of interests in pest management issues, such as pesticide manufacturers and users, environmental and health groups, and individuals with appropriate expertise. In addition, an appropriate balance of gender, regional and linguistic diversity will be respected to the extent possible.

Provincial representation will be assumed by the first past provincial co-chair of the Federal/Provincial/Territorial Committee on Pest Management and Pesticides.

The Minister will appoint a Chair and Council members.

Council members representing associations may nominate one permanent alternate. (Throughout the terms of reference, the word "member" should be read as "member/alternate".)

Affiliations and Interests

To be considered for appointment, potential members of the Council will complete the Affiliations and Interest Declaration Form for Advisory Body Members.

In keeping with the Privacy Act, a completed Affiliations and Interests Declaration Form is considered confidential. PMRA will not make public any information in the form without the member's permission. However, as a condition of membership, members will allow PMRA to publish on its website a Summary of Expertise, Experience, and Affiliations and Interest, which will be based on the completed Declaration Form.

In addition to publishing the Summary of Expertise, Experience, and Affiliation and Interest, PMRA or the Chair may also ask members to make a verbal statement of their relevant affiliations and interests at the beginning of each meeting. It is incumbent upon the member to update their declaration in writing, should their personal situation change.

Council members are expected to conduct themselves in an appropriate manner; in other words, the use of their positions cannot be reasonably construed to be for their private interest, or that of any other person, company, or organization.


To support their ability to provide well-informed advice, members may receive and discuss at meetings information from Health Canada that is confidential in nature. Every person must sign a Confidentiality Agreement before participating in the Council as a member. The agreement prohibits the disclosure of any confidential information received through participation in the Council, including information received orally and in writing. PMRA will mark information according to the level to which it is protected under the Government Security Policy.

Where a document or information is received by the Council under agreement that the members are not to have, make or cause any public discussion, disclosure or use of the document or information without the Council's consent, Council members shall be deemed to have undertaken to comply with that agreement.

Council members may distribute and/or discuss, as necessary to properly represent their association or sector at the meeting, documentation provided in advance of meetings that is not identified as Protected.

The Chair will ensure that everyone participating in the meeting or in another form of communication has received clear instructions on the confidentiality of the proceedings.

Security Clearance

All PMAC and working group members are required to undergo a security screening and obtain a Government of Canada "reliability status".


Members serve on the Council on a volunteer basis. In keeping with the Treasury Board's Policy on Legal Assistance and Indemnification, members are eligible for the same protection against personal civil liability as federal employees when faced with comparable risks while acting within the mandate of the Council and serving as volunteers.

Travel and Expenses

Members of the Council and the Chair will be compensated for travel and living expenses directly related to their work on the Council. Compensation will be subject to the Treasury Board's Directive on Travel, Hospitality, Conference and Event Expenditures, and the National Joint Council's Travel Directive. Honoraria will not be paid.


The Chair is appointed for a term of three years; the Minister may extend the term.

Members are appointed for a term of one to three years; the Minister may reappoint sitting members.

Resignation Process

Members will provide a notice of 14 days of their intent to resign. The resignation notice must be in writing and be addressed to the Executive Secretary and to the Chair. The letter should state the effective date of resignation.

Management of the Council


There will be at least one meeting a year. Meetings may be more frequent, at the call of the Chair.

All members of the Council will have equal status during discussions.

In setting meeting dates, the Secretariat will make every attempt to accommodate the availability of as many members as possible.

PMRA officials may not serve as members of the Council, but will respond to questions and provide information at the call of the Chair.


Meetings will be open to observers who request permission from the Secretariat in advance. The Secretariat has the right to deny requests, including those made by PMRA staff members, on the basis of balance, venue capacity or other considerations.

Interested persons may submit written comments before or after meetings, or make short statements at a specified time during meetings, to the extent that time permits.

Observers will not be provided with the documentation.

The Council reserves the right to meet "in camera" where necessary. Meeting agenda will indicate any closed sessions where possible.

Working Groups

The Council may set up working groups to examine specific issues and develop proposed solutions for the Council's consideration. Issues to be examined may be raised by the Minister, by PMRA or by Council members.

Each working group will be co-chaired by a senior PMRA official and another member of the working group. Council members and non-members may serve on working groups.

Working groups will report back to the Council on a regular basis.


The Executive Secretary will review the mandate, activities, Terms of Reference, and relevance of the Council on behalf of the Minister of Health on a regular basis to ensure it continues to meet ongoing needs. Recommendations for improvement will be considered on an ongoing basis.

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