Bilingual Labelling Lexicon

The Bilingual Labelling Lexicon is a collection of terminology acceptable for use on pesticide labels.

e-Index Builder

The e-Index Builder is a stand-alone software application which helps to create an electronic index when submitting documents in support of an application to register or amend a pest control product registration, re-evaluation, special review, or in response to requests for information.

The e-Index Builder Video Tutorials contain quick instructions on how to use the e-Index Builder.

Pesticide Label Search

If you are looking for a product label, you may consult our Label Search tool. Label Search is a tool that allows you to search the full text label as well as specific data fields relating to a product.

Canada's Pesticide Labels Application Icon

You can now access Pesticide Labels on your mobile device with our new mobile application.


Public Registry

The Public Registry is a collection of non-confidential information on pesticides and the pesticide regulatory system. All publicly available information on currently registered pesticides is available here.

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