Bilingual Labelling Lexicon

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Since January 1, 2003 the granting, amendment or renewal of a pest control product registration requires that the product label be bilingual. Accordingly, the issuance of registration certificates has been on the basis of an approved bilingual (English and French) product label since that date.

In reviewing bilingual labels for registration, the Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA) has created the bilingual labelling lexicon which is an electronic tool to aid in verifying terminology in both official languages. This tool is now available for all users to aid in creating bilingual labels for registration purposes.

What is the bilingual labelling lexicon?

The bilingual labelling lexicon is a collection of terminology that the Agency has deemed acceptable for use on bilingual labels. The terminology contained in the lexicon has been reviewed by the PMRA and verified using a variety of references. These references include, but are not limited to, Termium Plus, the European and Mediterranean Plant Protection Organization (EPPO), websites for Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, the Entomological Society of Canada, etc.

How do I use the bilingual labelling lexicon?

This tool is available as an Excel spreadsheet and is organized in tabs based on area of interest, e.g. weed names, insect names, pathogens, etc. While the lexicon as initially published provides only one translation of each listed term, it is anticipated that additional alternate translations will be found to be acceptable during the label verification process. The contents of the lexicon will be expanded through the addition of new and alternate terminology that is found to be acceptable. Updated versions will be made available periodically.

What is an "acceptable" term?

An "acceptable" term is one which has been verified by the PMRA and found to be an appropriate translation. Specifically this means that the Agency has found a reference to the term in our commonly used sources for bilingual information (as indicated above). However, note that a lexicon translation may not be acceptable in all cases. The PMRA reserves the right to determine whether a translation which appears in the lexicon is acceptable in a particular context.

What if I don't agree with the translation in the lexicon?

The bilingual labelling lexicon is a guidance document, is not intended as an exclusive list of acceptable terms, rather it is a collection of terms that have been reviewed and verified for acceptability for use on pesticide product labels. If you have a preference for a term other than that which appears in the lexicon, you may propose an alternate term. The alternate terminology will be reviewed by the PMRA for acceptability on the product label.

If you have any questions regarding the bilingual labelling lexicon that have not been answered by the information provided, please contact the Pest Management Information Service online.

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