Industry Guide to Health Canada's Safety Requirements for Children's Toys and Related Products - Summary

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This guidance provides information about the safety requirements that apply under the Toys Regulations to children's toys and related products manufactured, advertised, imported or sold in Canada. Children's toys and related products manufactured, imported, advertised or sold in Canada are subject to the Canada Consumer Product Safety Act (CCPSA) and the Toys Regulations.

There are several regulations under the CCPSA that address specific hazards with children's toys. The main regulation, however, is the Toys Regulations. The Toys Regulations address a wide range of mechanical, flammability, toxicological, electrical, thermal and other hazards associated with children's toys.

Who this guide is for

  1. Toy manufacturers and distributors
  2. Other regulated parties (industry) who are affected by the regulation

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Details and history

Published: December 29, 2016

Updated: August 2021

For assistance

For further information visit the resources in Appendix A or contact a Health Canada Consumer Product Safety Office via email ( or telephone at 1-866-662-0666 (toll-free within Canada and the United States).

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