New e-learning course on understanding how medical devices are regulated in Canada

MDCP Bulletin, October 28, 2022, from the Medical Devices Compliance Program

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The Medical Devices Compliance Program has been hard at work improving our communications and education activities to help stakeholders meet regulatory requirements. As such, we have developed a new e-learning course.

About the course

Industry must follow regulatory rules, which are designed to provide people in Canada with safe health products.

Our new e-learning course provides:

The course is an interactive learning tool. It covers key topics such as:

Target audience

This course will benefit:

How to access the course

This course is open to anyone. You can access the course through the Government of Canada’s myLearning platform free of charge. Follow the instructions to create an account which will grant you access to the course.

Contact us

For questions about this course, contact the Medical Devices Compliance Program by email at

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