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Step 1: Description of problem

Industry representatives can make complaints about a competitor's medical device(s) through the submission of a trade complaint or report any problem outside the scope of mandatory reporting requirements.

Trade complaint
If this is a complaint about a business or if you would like to report a trade issue, please fill out the next three fields, otherwise skip to the describe your problem field.

How long have you had/used the device? Please select the unit and duration below.

If you have any supporting documentation, labels or picturesFootnote 4, please attach and check the box below

Please provide details of the attachments, such as the file name and the document type. Please note that only these file types are accepted: .pdf, .jpg, .doc, .gif

Step 2: Device details

Report additional devices

Device 2

Device 3

Device 4

Device 5

Step 3: Reporter details

Step 4: Consent

Please provide your consent by selecting "Yes" or "No" in the Authorization field. Providing consent better facilitates verification of compliance.

Step 5: Submit your problem

Once you submit a problem, Health Canada's Regulatory Operations and Enforcement Branch will review the information and take appropriate actions as required and as necessary, which may include following up with you directly.


Footnote 1

Include as much detail as possible when describing your problem report. Information on what, when, where, who and how the incident happened; any injuries/death; other relevant medical information. Be sure to include information about the type of device involved with the issue. For example: toothbrush, tampon, hip implant.

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Footnote 2

Indicate if a doctor, nurse or other health care professional used the device on you.

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Footnote 3

A manufacturer refers to the company that made the device and whose name and address should appear on the label.

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Footnote 4

Labels are copies of labels or information about that device found on the device itself or on the device packaging (e.g., barcodes, instructions for use).

Supporting documentation is any document that includes information about the device. It can be a brochure from the doctor's office, instruction pamphlet, implant registration card, etc.

Pictures include a picture of the device itself and/or the defect with the device, if possible. Could also include screenshots from websites.

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Footnote 5

Please include street, city, province/state, country and postal/zip code, if known.

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Footnote 6

The device name is usually found on label and may include a brand or trade name. Be sure to include the entire brand or trade name

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Footnote 7

The device licence number is issued by Health Canada but does not normally appear on the label. Additionally, some medical devices do not require a device licence. If a medical device has a device licence, then the licence number can be found by searching Health Canada's online Medical Devices Active Licence Listing (MDALL), which can be found at:

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Footnote 8

Usually a model number, catalogue number or Ref. No. found on the device, label, or instruction for use. This information helps Health Canada identify the specific device that requires follow-up.

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Footnote 9

A Universal Product Code (UPC) consists of 12 numbers that are unique to that device and can be found along the bottom edge of the barcode. The barcode is usually found on the label of the device, but may not be available if the packaging or label has been discarded.

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Footnote 10

A lot or batch number is a unique series of letters and/or numbers that identify a particular production run or batch of devices. If a device has a lot number, it normally appears on the label. Sometimes, lot numbers are preceded by the word "Lot".

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Footnote 11

If a device has an expiry date, it will normally include the year and month, and may include the day (e.g., 2021-09-14). The expiry date is normally found on the label and is often preceded by an hourglass symbol.

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Footnote 12

A serial number is a unique series of letters and/or numbers that identify a specific device. If a device has a serial number, it normally appears on the device. The letters "SN" sometimes precede serial numbers.

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