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Drug supply information

Health Canada communicates information about a drug shortage or supply concern when there may not be enough of a drug in Canada for the people who rely on it.

This list of supply notices tells you when:

You will also find other important details, such as:

Ensuring people can get the medicines they need is a top priority for Health Canada. We do everything we can to prevent shortages, mitigate their impacts and help resolve them when they do occur.

Health Canada uses various mechanisms to communicate information about drug shortages and supply situations to stakeholders, including to hospitals and community pharmacies.

For example, the Drug Shortages Canada web page tracks when manufacturers of certain drugs can't meet all orders or plan to discontinue a drug. Health Canada and stakeholders in the supply chain and the health care system use this information to monitor supply. As drug supply issues can be caused by multiple factors and vary in complexity, not all shortages reported on this web page will have impact on the health care system or patients.

This page, with the posting of supply notices, will help identify drug shortages and supply situations that are most relevant to people in Canada.

List of drug supply notices

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