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The Licensed Natural Health Product Database (LNHPD) contains product specific information on natural health products that have been issued a product licence by Health Canada.

This extract contains both licensed and discontinued products - differentiated by the current status (found in the NHP_PRODUCTS file). Although the LNHPD is a relational database, there is a requirement to provide the data to users in a common format; therefore the data has been extracted into a flat file format. All files have the individual data fields enclosed in quotes and delimited by the bar ("|") character (code 124) found on most keyboards by doing Shift and backslash (\). All flat files for a particular licensed product are linked through a common PRODUCT_ID. An entity relationship diagram can be found following this page.

Company Information

In the LNHPD, each product has only the Applicant/Licensee associated with it. Each product will have a unique Natural Product Number (NPN) or Homeopathic Medicine Number (DIN-HM). A separate Company extract record is created for each product. If an Applicant/Licensee has more than one licensed product, it will appear as multiple extract records - each one with the unique NPN or DIN-HM linking it to the licensed product.

Licensed Products

The files included in the zipped file for licensed products are as follows:

NHP_products.txt: NHP Products
NHP_products_purpose.txt: NHP Products Purpose
NHP_prod_recommended_dose.txt: NHP Products Recommended Dose
NHP_products_risk.txt: NHP Products Risks
NHP_companies.txt: NHP Companies
NHP_medicinal_ingredients.txt: NHP Medicinal Ingredients
NHP_route.txt: NHP Routes
NHP_nonmedicinal_ingredients.txt: NHP Non-medicinal Ingredients
NHP_product_names.txt: NHP Product Names
All_NHP_files.txt: All NHP files

French Characters

French characters are being incorporated into the database. Currently the NHP_COMPANIES file is the only file that has French characters in it. The LNHPD database uses ASCII character set 8859. The codes for the commonly used characters are provided below:

  • 192 - À (accent grave)
  • 194 - Â (accent circonflexe) 
  • 199 - Ç (cedille)
  • 200 - È (accent grave)
  • 201 - É (accent aigu)
  • 202 - Ê (accent circonflexe)
  • 206 - Î (accent circonflexe)
  • 212 - Ô (accent circonflexe)
  • 217 - Ù (accent grave)
  • 219 - Û (accent circonflexe)


If you require additional information regarding this data extract, contact:

Data structure for Licensed Natural Health Products

Description NHP Products
Name Type
product_id number
licence_number varchar2(200)
product_name varchar2(200)
dosage_form varchar2(120)
dosage_form_f varchar2(120)
licence_date date
status varchar2(20)
status_f varchar2(20)
Description NHP Products Purpose
Name Type
product_id number
purpose_e varchar2(4000)
purpose_f varchar2(4000)
Description NHP Prod Recommended Dose
Name Type
product_id number
population_type_desc varchar2(120)
population_type_desc_f varchar2(120)
age number
age_minimum number
age_maximum number
uom_type_desc_age varchar2(120)
uom_type_desc_age_f varchar2(120)
quantity_dose number
quantity_minimum_dose number
quantity_maximum_dose number
uom_type_desc_quantity_dose varchar2(120)
uom_type_desc_quantity_dose_f varchar2(120)
frequency number
frequency_minimum number
frequency_maximum number
uom_type_desc_frequency varchar2(120)
uom_type_desc_frequency_f varchar2(120)
Description NHP Products Risk
Name Type
product_id number
risk_type_desc varchar2(120)
risk_type_desc_f varchar2(120)
sub_risk_type_desc varchar2(120)
sub_risk_type_desc_f varchar2(120)
risk_text_e varchar2(4000)
risk_text_f varchar2(4000)
Description NHP Companies
Name Type
product_id number
company_name varchar2(200)
company_address varchar2(120)
city varchar2(40)
province varchar2(40)
country varchar2(40)
postal_code varchar2(40)
Description NHP Medicinal Ingredients
Name Type
product_id number
proper_name varchar2(200)
proper_name_f varchar2(200)
common_name varchar2(200)
common_name_f varchar2(200)
potency_amount number
potency_unit_of_measure varchar2(120)
potency_unit_of_measure_f varchar2(120)
potency_constituent varchar2(120)
quantity number
quantity_minimum number
quantity_maximum number
quantity_unit_of_measure varchar2(120)
quantity_unit_of_measure_f varchar2(120)
ratio_numerator varchar2(10)
ratio_denominator varchar2(10)
dried_herb_equivalent varchar2(10)
dhe_unit_of_measure varchar2(120)
dhe_unit_of_measure_f varchar2(120)
extract_type_desc varchar2(120)
extract_type_desc_f varchar2(120)
source_material varchar2(120)
source_material_f varchar2(120)
Description NHP Route
Name Type
product_id number
route_type_desc varchar2(120)
route_type_desc_f varchar2(120)
Description NHP Nonmedicinal Ingredients
Name Type
product_id number
proper_name varchar2(200)
proper_name_f varchar2(200)
common_name varchar2(200)
common_name_f varchar2(200)
Description NHP Product Names
Name Type
product_id number
product_name varchar2(200)
primary_name varchar2(1)

LNHPD Extract Relationship Diagram

LNHPD Extract Relationship Diagram
LNHPD Extract Relationship Diagram

This extract relationship diagram shows how the following files; nhp_companies, nhp_medicinal_ingredients, nhp_product_names, nhp_products_purpose, nhp_route, nhp_non_medicinal_ingredients, nhp_prod_recommended_dose, and nhp_products_risk; are all linked through the Product_ID of the nhp_products file.

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