Cannabis Key investor reporting form: Cultivation, processing and sale for medical purposes licences

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Important: Make sure you need to report on your key investors before reading this page. Applicants and licence holders whose equity securities are listed on a published market don't need to submit this form.

Whether you're an applicant or licence holder, you need to use the Key investor reporting form if your equity securities are not listed on a published market. Refer to the requirements for more information on when you need to submit.

Do not delete key investors from your record. If any key investor stops being a key investor during the previous calendar year, you must include this information in your annual reporting.

How to complete the reporting form

These forms are intended for applicants and licence holders who need to report on their key investors. If you don't know if you should report, refer to Who needs to report.

Key investor reporting form

Each licence holder or applicant should complete 1 form per key investor. Information pertaining to that key investor will go in that form.

Your report should contain all information from January 1 through December 31 of the reporting year.

Section A: Applicant or licence holder information

This section should be the same for all your key investors and match the information on your application or licence. Include:

Section B: Information on key investor

From this point, every Key investor form should be unique to a single key investor. Any dollar values shown on this page are examples only. You should ensure that dollar values in your report reflect your situation.

Part 1: Name and mailing address

Part 2: How the key investor exercises, or is in a position to exercise, control

In your report, include:

Part 3: For licence holders only: Transaction that made the investor become a key investor

If you're a licence holder, you need to fill out this part only if the investor became a key investor after your licence was issued. If you had a licence under the Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations and it migrated to the Cannabis Act, then you only need to fill out this part for investors who became key investors on or after October 17, 2018.

In your report, include:

Part 4: For licence holders only: Each time the key investor provides money, goods or services

Indicate each transaction when the key investor provided you with money, goods or services.

Licence holders submitting an annual report only need to report transactions from the reporting calendar year.

If you need room for additional entries in Part 4, email Subject line should be "Key investor report: LIC#".

For each transaction, include:

Part 5: Any benefits that the key investor receives due to their investment

Licence holders and applicants must list all benefits (at least 1) that the key investor receives as a result of:

Licence holders must also list which transaction from Part 4 the benefit is related to.

Licence holders submitting an annual report don't need to report benefits from years prior to the reporting calendar year. Benefits from the reporting calendar year, or that could be received in future years, must be reported.

If you need room for additional entries beyond what can be entered in Part 5, email Subject line should be "Key investor report: LIC#".

In your report, include:

Part 6: For licence holders only: Repayment or return of goods to the key investor

Indicate the repayment or return of goods you gave the key investor.

If you need room for additional entries beyond what can be entered in Part 6, email Subject line should be "Key investor report: LIC#".

For each repayment or return of goods, include:

Here are some situations and the information to include in your report.

Part 7: Transfer of ownership interest or other interest or right

If known, include if the ownership interest or other type of right or interest held by the key investor relating to the business or the organization has been, will be, or could be, in whole or in part:

Include ownership interests or other rights or interests that are transferred from the key investor to another individual or to a corporation or organization. Any new ownership interest or other types of interests or rights held by the key investor is reported in Part 5.
In your report, include the following information about the investor that will receive the ownership interest:

Note: If the person who now holds the ownership interest or other right or interest meets the requirements of a key investor, you'll also need to keep records for them and include them in your report.

Here are some situations that you would need to include in your records and report.

Part 8: Key investor who is no longer a key investor

For licence holders, only report key investors who stopped being an investor in the reporting calendar year. If you reported key investors in this section in a previous reporting year, you don't need to list them afterwards.

If they become a key investor in the future, report them in the relevant year.


The responsible person for the licence must attest to the report.

How to submit your Key investor report

You need to submit 1 report per licence containing 1 form per investor. Each report should contain the information for a single site. Merge the completed forms into a single file when submitting.


You need to upload your Key investor report on the "Key investor report" page in the CTLS when you apply for a new licence. Name your document "KeyInvestor_APP-#_Report _YYYY-MM-DD.PDF".

Licence holders

Licence holders are required to submit a Key investor report annually, and may need to submit reports at other times during the year on the "Key investor report" page.

Name your document "KeyInvestor_LIC-#_Report _YYYY-MM-DD.PDF". The responsible person or anyone identified as a reporter for your licence can upload the report.

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If you have questions about how to submit your report, email The subject line of the email should be either:

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