Personal use of cannabis

Growing cannabis at home, consuming cannabis, safety, storage, possession limits

Services and information

About cannabis

Marijuana, THC, CBD and terpenes, chemical substances in cannabis, how cannabis is used, forms of cannabis.

Cannabis use, effects and risks

Short-term, long-term effects, physical, mental, during pregnancy, impairment, addiction.

Safe storage of cannabis

How to store your cannabis safely and responsibly.

Impaired driving

Driving impaired is illegal. Learn about types of impairment, risks, laws and enforcement.

Cannabis in the provinces and territories

Personal limits, distribution and sales, what is legal in each province and territory.

Medical use of cannabis

Accessing cannabis for medical purposes, applying to be a licensed producer.

Online calculator: Limits for public possession of cannabis

Calculate dried cannabis equivalent amounts for extracts and edibles, finding amounts on labels.

Buying cannabis online: What you need to know

How to recognize online legal sources, illicit retailors, protection of financial information.

Cannabis odours and odour control

Sources and effects of cannabis odours, odour control technology, requirements and enforcement.

Recognizing legal and illegal cannabis

Recognize the differences between legal and illegal cannabis, and find out why it matters.

How to read and understand a cannabis product label

Describes the health and safety information found on legal cannabis product labels.

Growing cannabis at home safely

Precautions for growing cannabis safely and legally at home.

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