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WHMIS logo

The Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS) logo is a recognizable graphic for the Canadian system. The logo is intended to be used widely to identify informational, promotional, or educational material related to WHMIS.

The logo should not be depicted on WHMIS labels nor safety data sheets.

The WHMIS logo is not intended to be used or perceived as a stamp of government approval of any WHMIS-related materials produced by individuals, groups, associations or firms. It is not acceptable to use the logo in any way that suggests government endorsement of a product or service.

With respect to colour, the WHMIS logo can be printed 4 different ways:

WHMIS logo, English - High resolution file (TIF Version - 2365 K)
WHMIS logo, French - High resolution file (TIF Version - 2406 K)
WHMIS logo, symbol only - High resolution file (TIF Version - 612 K)

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