Health Claim Assessments

Substantiation of Health Claims (Scientific Evidence)

Health claimsFootnote 1  for food products must be truthful, and not misleadingFootnote 2  Scientific evidence is therefore required to substantiate all health claims appearing on food labelling and advertising. 

Guidance Documents for Preparing Health Claim Submissions were written to help ensure that health claims for foods are substantiated in a systematic, comprehensive and transparent manner. The guidance documents also suggest a format for compiling and recording the submission information.

These guidance documents are applicable to food health claims, with the exception of claims about a nutrient. For information on documenting the supporting evidence for new nutrient function claims, please refer to the  Canadian Food Inspection Agency website.

Publication of Health Claim Assessments

Once Health Canada has completed its review of the scientific evidence for a health claim, a summary of assessment will be posted below.

Health Claims Reviewed and AcceptedFootnote 3 

Health Claims Reviewed and not AcceptedFootnote 4 

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