Notice of Proposal to Enable the Use of Three New Colouring Agents: Potassium Aluminium Silicate-Based Iron Oxide, Titanium Dioxide and Iron Oxide in Certain Unstandardized Foods

January 26, 2015


Health Canada's Food Directorate completed a detailed safety assessment of a food additive submission seeking approval for the use of mica-based iron oxide, mica-based titanium dioxide, and mica-based titanium dioxide and iron oxide as colouring agents in unstandardized confectionery and chewing gum and in unstandardized alcoholic beverages.

As no safety concerns were raised through this assessment, it is the intention of Health Canada to enable these food additives, as described in the information document. The purpose of this communication is to publically announce the Department's intention in this regard and to provide the appropriate contact information for any inquiries or for those wishing to submit any new scientific information relevant to the safety of these food additives.

Information Document

Contact Information

Health Canada's Food Directorate is committed to reviewing any new scientific information on the safety in use of any food additive, including mica-based colouring agents. Anyone wishing to submit new scientific information on the use of these food additives or to submit any inquiries may do so in writing, by regular mail or electronically. If you wish to contact the Food Directorate electronically, please use the words "mica-based colouring agents" in the subject line of your e-mail. Health Canada is able to consider information received by April 10, 2015, 75 days from the date of this posting.

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