Calling all Food Safety Partners: Help us collect dose response information in Canada!

WhatÂ’s the Project?

  • The risk of illness when people eat food contaminated with pathogens can be predicted with a mathematical model known as a dose response function. The Dose Response for Risk Assessment Modeling (DRAM) project will improve our understanding of the relationship between the amount of a pathogen consumed (i.e., the dose) and the likelihood or severity of illness (i.e., the response).
  • The project is intended to support and generate dose response models for key pathogens and will be utilized in Health Canada risk assessment and standard setting activities.

Why we need your help

  • The DRAM project will collect food samples known to be associated with human illnesses and then characterize and count the bacteria present.  In addition, information regarding the associated epidemiological and food safety investigations will be gathered and analyzed. A multi-phase and multi-partner approach has been developed to meet the project objectives.

Working with our partners to achieve our goals

Experts from the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, Public Health Agency of Canada, and other local competent authorities have participated in pilot phases of the project by collecting and communicating data with the DRAM team, as well as providing advice on the project direction and completion.

How to get involved

The DRAM team welcomes collaborators and other interested stakeholders to help spread the word on this project, or, if interested in participating, please contact:

Bureau of Microbial Hazards, Evaluation Division, Food Directorate

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