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The new Precursor Control Regulations have been approved and were published in Canada Gazette Part II on October 9, 2002. Refer to the News Release at and  Canada Gazette Part II publication at (SOR/2002 359 page 2139).

A phased-in implementation plan of the regulations has been developed. The most urgent component - the licence and permit requirement for the import and export of Class A precursors, as well as the licence for production - will come into force January 9, 2003. Full implementation will progress throughout 2003.

The Office of Controlled Substances is developing a series of guidance documents written as a companion to the Precursor Control Regulations to provide guidance on meeting the regulatory requirements under these Regulations. Document in this series include:

The guidance document for Application for Class A Precursor licence and the application form are now available on the this website under Documents: Precursor Chemicals and Application forms: Precursor Chemicals respectively. Other guidance documents will be soon posted on the website in the near future.

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