Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear and Explosive (CBRNE) Events

Chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear and explosive (CBRNE) events refer to the uncontrolled release of chemicals, biological agents or radioactive contamination into the environment or explosions that cause widespread damage. CBRNE events can be caused by accidents or by terrorist acts.

In Canada, the Minister of Public Safety Canada is responsible for responding to acts of terrorism.

In the event of an emergency that poses a risk to public health, Health Canada and the Public Health Agency of Canada play key roles in protecting the health and safety of Canadians.

Health Canada's Role

  •  In a radiological or nuclear emergency, Health Canada coordinates the federal government response under the Federal Nuclear Emergency Plan,
  • In a chemical emergency, the Department takes action through the Chemical Emergency Response Unit by preparing and coordinating the response activities of the Safe Environments Programme, the Department's scientific lead for chemical emergencies.

What Information Can You Find Here?

In this section, you will find background information on the way Health Canada deals with CBRNE events. Detailed information is available on radiological and nuclear topics, such as how radiation is measured, what the health effects of radiation exposure can be, how radiation is monitored and how you can protect yourself from being exposed to radiation.

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