Types and sources of radiation

Find information on the types of radiation that surrounds us.

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Electric and magnetic fields (EMF)

Power lines and your home, electrical products, appliances, recommended human exposure limits, sources of EMF

Noise (acoustical radiation)

Health effects from noise, protection against unwanted noise, protect hearing, noise annoyance

Ultraviolet radiation

UV, health risks, health risks from UV exposure, UV rays, what is ultraviolet radiation

Radiofrequency fields

Radiofrequency, devices, technology, health risks from radiofrequency

Radiation from air travel

Health risks, health risks for unborn child, exposure, about cosmic radiation


About X-ray radiation, X-ray exposure, types of X-rays and regulating X-rays.

Environmental radiation

Natural radioactive sources, artificial (or man-made) radioactive sources

Living near a nuclear power plant

Radiation exposures from an operating nuclear power plant are very low.

Understanding radiation

About radiation, health effects of radiation, exposure to radiation, radiation measurement


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