Emergency Treatment Fund

The opioid crisis is a national public health crisis that continues to devastate individuals, families and communities.

Treatment, in all its forms, is the ultimate way to help people who suffer from problematic substance use and want to stop using drugs to live a healthier life.

Announced as part of the Budget 2018 funding to help address the opioid crisis, the Emergency Treatment Fund provides one-time emergency funding of $150 million for provinces and territories to improve access to evidence-based treatment services.

This funding is matched by the province and territory beyond the first $250,000 and the jurisdiction has up to five years to match the initial influx of money from the federal government.

The Federal Government has allocated funding based on the severity of the opioid crisis in the province or territory and the size of the population in the province or territory. This ensures that provinces and territories most impacted by the crisis have enough support, and those jurisdictions that are not yet as affected are able to prepare for possible future impacts.

Bilateral Agreements

As part of each bilateral agreement, an action plan will be posted on our website to showcase the work that will be done as part of this fund.

In addition, each province and territory will be asked to report at regular intervals to showcase the progress made to increase access to innovative and evidence-based treatment in their province.


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