Brochure: How to help prevent cannabis poisoning in children

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Organization: Health Canada

Published: 2024-07-08

This page only includes information from the associated PDF brochure. For up to date information on how to recognize the signs of cannabis poisoning and what to do about it, visit Cannabis poisonings in children.

Know the signs and what to do

Accidental poisonings in children from edible cannabis products are a serious risk. Hospitals have seen an increase in visits to the emergency room and poison centres have seen an increase in calls.

Poisonings can be life-threatening, sometimes resulting in coma, being put on a ventilator, or in rare cases, even death.

Suspect a poisoning?

  1. Call 1-844-POISON-X (1-800-463-5060 in Quebec) or 9-1-1 for emergencies
  2. Say that you suspect the symptoms are from cannabis. A quicker diagnosis can prevent serious harm to a child

Know the signs of a cannabis poisoning

Symptoms can include:

Keep cannabis away from children

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