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Health Canada depends on research and scientific activities to respond effectively to the health issues affecting Canadians. In order to do this, we rely on the work of scientists in a wide range of fields, including the natural and life sciences and social sciences.

Science helps us to develop policy, define regulations, evaluate products and gather information on health related issues. It plays a major role in activities ranging from the inspection of consumer products and the regulation of foods, to monitoring diseases and developing community health programs.

What Information is Available?

This section provides just a small sample of the many different kinds of science activities in which Health Canada is involved. Visit regularly to discover our latest activities, as we continue to respond to ongoing and emerging health issues using science and research expertise.

Additional Resources

Health Policy Research Bulletin

The Health Policy Research Bulletin is Health Canada's departmental publication on health policy research. Its purpose is to promote the Department's policy research and strengthen evidence-based decision-making in the health sector. The Bulletin presents research and analysis conducted by or for Health Canada to policy makers and researchers within government, universities, policy research networks and non-governmental organizations. To receive print copies, or more information, contact the Policy Research Communications Unit.

Health Indicators

Health indicators help keep Canadians informed about the progress of renewing and strengthening health care in Canada. Health indicator reports provide information on health care across the country and allow governments and Canadians to compare data, track changes, see progress and identify areas for improvement within the health care system.

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