Science Advice and Decision Making

Good advice from scientists helps us make good decisions about health. Scientists contribute to decision making by collecting and analyzing information related to health risks and identifying possible ways of dealing with those risks.

Within Health Canada, many knowledgeable scientific experts provide advice to our Minister and Deputy Minister. We also seek advice from external independent experts, who review the quality of science we perform and provide recommendations on programs and policy.

What Information is Available?

In this section, you'll read about the formal process most commonly used for making decisions at Health Canada. You'll also find out about how Health Canada seeks advice from a broad range of experts in the department, in government and in the wider science community.

For example, the Research Ethics Board reviews all research involving human subjects funded or performed by Health Canada, while the Science Advisory Board provides advice to the Minister of Health on a range of issues related to the department's science. Health Canada also benefits from the suggestions of over 100 additional advisory committees and panels.

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