Research Ethics Board: Continuing ethics review forms

As described in TCPS 2, research is subject to continuing research ethics review from the date of initial REB approval and throughout the life of the project. At minimum, continuing research ethics review consists of an annual status report (for multi-year research projects), although the REB shall make the final determination as to the nature and frequency of continuing research ethics review.

In addition, researchers are required to seek advance approval for any amendments or modifications to their originally approved application, so that the REB can decide on the ethical acceptability of those changes. Researchers must also report immediately to the REB any unanticipated issue or event that may increase the level of risk to participants or that has other ethical implications that may affect participants' welfare. Finally, researchers must notify the REB upon completion or termination of the project.

The forms for continuing ethics review and study completion are available at the links below. Submissions are accepted at any time and are normally reviewed within one to two weeks at a delegated review meeting (consisting of the Chair or Deputy Chair and one other REB member). Instructions for completing the forms are included with the documents. For questions that are not addressed in these instructions, please contact the REB Secretariat at or 613-941-5199.

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