Video series: “My Why” on getting the COVID-19 vaccine (Canadian video game industry)

Share why you are getting the COVID-19 vaccine by using the hashtag #MyWhy.



Text appears in a purple square on a background with a pixelated cityscape.

Text on screen: Why are you getting the COVID-19 vaccine?

A person, seated in front of a microphone, with action figures in the background, appears: Hello, my name is Victor Lucas.

Cut to another person in front of a microphone: My name is Carl-Edwin Michel.

Cut to another person standing in front of a counter decorated with lights and figurines: Hi, I'm Stacey Roy.

Cut to a screen with the pixelated cityscape in the background.

Text on screen: #MyWhy.

Cut to Carl-Edwin Michel and a text box appears.

Text on screen: Carl-Edwin Michel, Founder and CEO at Northern Arena.

The text #MyWhy remains at the bottom of the screen throughout the video while the speakers are speaking.

Carl-Edwin Michel: Why I took my vaccine is simple: this virus is real. It is taking lives.

Cut to Victor Lucas and a text box appears.

Text on screen: Victor Lucas, Electric Playground.

Victor Lucas: The reason why I have been vaccinated and why I believe that everybody should be vaccinated is pretty simple. I believe in the scientists, the epidemiologists, the doctors, the medical community that is out there working so hard to keep us all safe.

Cut to a person sitting in a living room and a text box appears.

Text on screen: Clara Sia, SeriouslyClara.

Clara Sia: I'm getting vaccinated because I miss things. I miss board game nights and haircuts and escape rooms and restaurants and picking out my own mangoes at grocery stores.

Cut to Stacey Roy and a text box appears.

Text on screen: Stacey Roy, The Nerdy Bartender | WHABAM Media.

Stacey Roy: Scientists have spent this time creating a vaccine to fight this devastating pandemic. They've cranked their superhuman brains to 11. They've worked countless hours and sleepless nights, all in the service of mankind. And guess what? They were successful.

Cut to Carl-Edwin Michel.

Carl-Edwin Michel: If you want to go back to your loved ones, if you want to go back to your friends, and being able to do things that you used to do and have fun with, it is important to take your vaccine.

Cut to Clara Sia.

Clara Sia: I trust our medical experts and scientists to get us back to right.

Cut to Stacey Roy.

Stacey Roy: In a time when vehicles can drive themselves and helicopters are flying on Mars. How can we not believe in miracles? Or at the very least the ingenuity of people who are smarter than we are?

Cut to Victor Lucas.

Victor Lucas: We are just at the edge of turning things around. And that is thanks again to the people that have worked so hard to develop safe vaccines for us. So please get vaccinated.

Cut to a split screen showing all 4 speakers.

Carl-Edwin Michel: Stay safe.

Cut to a screen with the pixelated cityscape. A purple square with a text box appears.

Text on screen: Any reason to get vaccinated is a good reason. Share your reasons and use #MyWhy.

The logo for the Entertainment Software Association of Canada appears.

The Public Health Agency of Canada departmental logo appears.

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