People who are at risk of more severe disease or outcomes from COVID-19

Some people are at higher risk of more severe disease or outcomes from COVID-19 infection than others.

You may be at higher risk if you:

Some settings and activities are associated with higher risk of transmission of COVID-19, such as:

When the risk of exposure is higher, layer multiple individual public health measures, such as:

Avoid contact or sharing spaces with people who:

If you must be in a shared space, limit the amount of time you’re in the space and follow all public health measures to reduce the risk of spread. This includes wearing a well-fitting respirator. If a respirator is unavailable, it’s recommended that you wear a well-fitted medical mask. If neither are available, you should properly wear a well-constructed and well-fitting non-medical mask.

Someone other than you should provide care to a person who is in quarantine or isolation. This will reduce your risk of becoming ill.

Ensure those you live with know you’re at higher risk of severe disease or outcomes from COVID-19. This way they can take measures to protect themselves from infection and help prevent COVID-19 from entering the household.

Talk with your health care provider to learn how else to best protect yourself from COVID-19.

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