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Eligible recipients

Eligible recipients include

Eligible activities

Stream 1: Collaborative selection projects

The purpose of this stream is to apply a Francophone lens to programs used to select or admit French-speaking candidates. It consists of offering designated entities the opportunity to access the expertise of Francophone partners in order to apply a Francophone lens to the various immigration programs. This will help to address systemic barriers and adapt the processes of immigration programs, making them more accessible to French-speaking applicants.

Eligible activities must be collaborations between a designated entity and a Francophone partner.

Eligible activities include the following:

Stream 2: Promotion of Francophone minority communities (FMCs) abroad

The FISP makes it possible to carry out activities that promote FMCs abroad, mainly in countries and regions that have pools of potential French-speaking candidates. This stream’s activities will help French-speaking candidates to be better informed about immigration opportunities in FMCs.

Eligible activities include

Stream 3: Case studies, innovation and applied research

The purpose of this stream is to mobilize knowledge of innovative approaches to and applied research on Francophone immigration. This means supporting the production of case studies, experimentation and the identification of solutions related to the use of a Francophone lens in immigration programs, which may include research and analyses based on target regions and occupations. The case studies and research will draw on the intersection of identity factors, context and evidence, as well as the application of the anti-racism lens.

Eligible activities include:

Eligible costs

Eligible costs include

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